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It’s ridiculous, you know, how I keep telling people to unleash their power, own their magic, be the magnificent beings that they really are – when I won’t even find the time or space to define for them what that power, that magic really is.

But I’m not going to apologize because you know deep down what your true power is and the indefinable lengths to which you can use that power to your own liking.

However, there aren’t a lot of us, especially those of us born in places where people automatically expect you to be meek and modest, who will even inwardly admit to themselves what these true power is.

I know a lot of people who have sensed the inherent connection with their true selves. They are, in fact, doing the inspired work to slowly but steadily call out to their true selves so they can share the unique gifts and talents they have with the world.

But when you start to ask them what they really want or what they plan to do with these newfound gifts they are discovering about themselves, they stumble and stutter. They fumble around for words. They question if they’re supposed to know what they really want, let alone let it out into the open for fear of being mocked about having dreams that are too big for them. And that’s when they do a disservice to themselves and to the unlimited power they have inside them.

There I go again talking about that power. What the hell am I talking about, you ask?

Sometimes, I find it easier to talk to people in riddles and vague references to that power because, even though your thinking mind doesn’t get it, something else inside that you barely acknowledge or regularly push aside gets it. It gets it so much. It totally understands what I’m talking about. It knows what I’m talking about far more than both our thinking minds can ever fathom.

Because this power doesn’t come from the thinking mind, unquestionably one of the most useful tools we have but still not more than just a tool that we can use to advance our purposes.

This power can’t be fully grasped with words, although I and so many others have taken a stab at trying to explain what it is with words.

And in the most simple words I can muster, I’ll try to define what this power is.

The power I’m talking about is the power to create your own life at will. To bring about into your world the things that your heart truly desires, without ever having to sell your soul to the devil for it. And by the way, this power knows there is no devil, only that we make up inside our own heads.

This is the power to have what you want, do what you want, and be what you want. It is recognizing that there is an endless array of possibilities before you, and all you have to do is to choose which of these possibilities you want to live out.

Am I talking about creating loads of cash, a Lamborghini, and hot babes? Yes, that’s part of it. You can stop holding your breath now.

But it’s also about creating love, connection to humankind, and, yes, ever-elusive but always within reach world peace.

There’s no difference between manifesting a Lamborghini and manifesting an unconditionally loving relationship. It doesn’t make you any more or less selfish if you want a sleek, flashy sports car or a happy life for everyone. You’re tapping into the same endless power source, whether you’re manifesting a bowl of ice cream or a planet ruled by peace and love.

Some call it Law of Attraction, but this power is too expansive, too all-encompassing to be boxed into a single label that has been commercialized and ridiculed over the last several years. There is no end to this power, in much the same way that it didn’t have a beginning. It was always there, always will be, even after your physical body dies and disintegrates back into the cradle of Mother Earth.

Because this power comes from the divine. It comes from God Itself, the very essence of that which created us and put us here on this planet, for whatever purpose it may have.

This power is what you have inside of you. And if you could only see the endless possibilities that you can create in your life simply by recognizing this power alone, you’re never going back to your old ways. You’re never going back to being a Muggle. And Muggle or not, every single one of us has this power within. It only takes a change in thought, a willingness to feel, and a little bit of courage to daily and constantly shift our consciousness to recognize that the power within is always there, has always been there, and will never leave.

For how can it leave when who you are, your very essence as a human being, is that power? You may ignore it and dismiss it and think that people like me are frauds here to make money out of your weaknesses. You may continue to stay where you are, always struggling, always sacrificing, because that’s what’s been impressed upon you – that struggle and sacrifice are the essence of life. You may continue to pretend it’s not true, that you’re not in any way powerful, that you’re nothing more than a pawn, a victim, some insignificant cog in someone else’s wheel.

But you know what? Even if your thinking mind clings on to these old, outdated, and ultimately false notions of your victimhood, some part of you will, relentlessly and tirelessly, continue calling out for you to recognize the deep magic within. The magic that proves you’re not someone else’s bitch. The power that shows you how every possibility is within reach.

But the catch – because, of course, there’s always the catch – the catch is it won’t show itself in all its glory unless you believe in it.

Some people call it delusion.

Some people call it faith.

Some people call it placebo effect.

Some people call it confirmation bias.

Whatever you call it, it’s there. It exists. It’s real. You only have to reach out your hand and tell it, “Yes, I’m ready,” and mean it from the heart.

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