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Hey. Hey, you!

You, over there, with the impossibly big dream.

You, who one day will become a Bollywood superstar, acclaimed by critics and adored by fans.

You, who will change the world someday with your passion for things that nurture the Earth instead of bleeding her dry.

And you, who’s not afraid to fall in love again, no matter how painful your past breakups have been, and still willing to believe that the right man is out there for you.

It can seem like a foolish thing to dream, can’t it?

Some days, you wake up ready to take on the world and go after that big dream. And some days, you just don’t know what to do. And on those days, you wonder if all the rest of the world told you were true. That you shouldn’t be going for too big. That you won’t get disappointed again and again if you aimed low. That you can’t, so there’s really no point in trying.

On the days when you feel like you can do anything, then go get ‘em, my friend. And then show the world exactly how you did it.

And on those days when everything feels like a hopeless cause and you might agree with everyone else who secretly thinks you’re a fool for dreaming too big, well, you could lay in bed and wait for you to feel better again. Or you could just fuck ‘em and go ahead and do it anyway.

There’s a choice you need to make. And that’s between the feelings that are constantly fueled by your fears and the dream you set out in this life for to bring into reality.

Most people will choose the former. And that’s fine. That’s understandable. Fear won’t ever leave us until we leave the human body. Fear is part of the human experience. It always was and always will be. So if you decide to listen to that fear and the feelings of worry, self-doubt, and guilt about how selfish you are going after a personal dream, that just means you’re human and nothing’s wrong with that.

Except for one thing.

You’re not just human. You forgot all about that. You’re not just human and you know it. Why else would you even dare go for a seemingly impossible dream if absolutely no part of you knows you can do it, and that you can do it without struggling, fighting, or bleeding to the core?

And what else would you come to this Earth for if not to transcend your mere humanness and remember the things you can do, the experiences you can create, and the changes you can inspire?

And who else would you pin your hopes and dreams on, if not for the only person in the world whose thoughts, beliefs, emotions, moods, and identities you can control?

Fear will continue to try to get the best of you. It’ll take on many forms. Mostly, it will disguise itself as reason, trying to cajole you out of your impossibly big plans and into safer, more secure, and more boring paths of life. It will ask you all the questions with pre-programmed answers intended to make you feel small. “What if this doesn’t work? Why isn’t it here yet? Do I need to do more, look better, meet more people?”

You can entertain that fear for a while, you know. You can meditate on it. You can journal about it. You can psychoanalyze it with your best friend while you two get matching mani-pedis at your favorite spa. And you may find some relief. You may feel a bit of satisfaction, knowing you have, at least for a little while, gotten to know where your fear is coming from and why it’s there. And you may go home, go to bed, and fall asleep thinking you’re gonna need more of that soon.

And all the while, your dream hangs in limbo. All the while, the life you long to live is somewhere out there in the ether, waiting for you to grab it by the reins and start living it. All this time, while you’re using your ever-so-intelligent, ever-so-reasonable, and ever-so-logical mind to try to explain things, the heart that knows what’s going on is quietly but stubbornly telling you, “It’s okay. You got this. You’ve done this a thousand and one times already. You know how to do this. And even though you can’t see it yet, you’re already there where you want to be.”

But you can’t hear what your heart is telling you if you keep listening to what’s inside your head. You’re not gonna hear it unless you start ignoring your fears and plunge straight deep into the part of you that knows like hell that you were meant for this. You have to be willing to go all in and remember all those times from your childhood when you wouldn’t, couldn’t let yourself down one bit, no matter what everyone else thought of the situation.

I remember that time I felt like such a cool, smart kid for getting huge eyeglasses at five. And then I lost all my feelings of coolness and smartness when everyone around me started pointing it out. I know you have a similar experience. I know each one of us started out feeling confident in ourselves, completely sure of our coolness and smartness until we started interacting with older people who taught us otherwise.

You have to go back to that place. You have to remember how cool and smart and talented and beautiful and powerful you are. You have to remember that, at one time, you were way bigger than the fears people tried to place on you. And you have to know that you still are bigger than the fears you have unwittingly taken for yourself. Always were. Always will be.

And you have to know, too, that there’s nothing much you have to do to un-remember your fears. You don’t have to go backpacking the world until you run out of money to find yourself. And you don’t have to fall into depression and hit rock bottom where all the gods are hiding. It’s as simple as making a choice. It can be as quick as snapping your fingers.

And, yes, I know it’s not easy to be able to get to this point where you can just decide to not let your fears take over. But you’ve had your entire life to prepare you for this. And you have infinite opportunities to keep preparing you for this. Everything that has ever happened and everything that will ever happen in this lifetime and in the next is simply just another opportunity for you to decide to remember who you’ve always been.

And life, the universe, God—they’re all waiting. We’re all waiting patiently, patiently, patiently. Because everything will come to this point anyway. No rush, you know, but why wait when you’re already there?  

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