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It sucks balls to have to prove yourself.

Every day, you wake up with the end goal of proving, yet again, that you’re worth your place in this world.

There must be something you have to do or something you need to put out there to show the world that, hey, you’ve earned your right to be here so, yeah, you can go home tonight and sleep in peace, only so you can wake up tomorrow on yet another mission to prove your worth again.

There are those who think it is their duty to change the world.

“Hey, look at me! I’ve proven my worth. I raised $6 million for the poor kids in Africa!”

“I’m a social activist and every day I aim to overthrow fascist governments.”

“I designed that building and now it’s bringing in lots of jobs and money for the local economy.”

And there are those who don’t think they’ve got what it takes but will find another way to prove themselves anyway.

“I may haven’t done anything remarkable to change the world, but I’ve done my best to be a good person and I’m proud of that.”

Most people are happy thinking they’ve done their best today. That, for them, would give them just enough points to pass the worthiness test and make it through to the next day without breaking down.

But here’s the thing. When you’re oh-so-happy thinking you’ve done your best today, do you ever stop to wonder. Who gets to decide what your best is?

Because most of the time, what we think of us having done our best is really having done our best according to the expectations of everyone else but ourselves.

Made your bed? Check. Ate at least one decent meal with vegetables? Check. Gave just slightly over the bare minimum at the job you don’t like? Check.

Whoever told you that doing all that passes for having done your best? And why have you never asked in the first place: Do you really have to live up to these standards or are you simply allowing yourself to get sucked into the flow of the mainstream even though some part of you is slowly dying inside from all the conforming you’ve been doing?

If you’re here on this blog, chances are there’s that tiny but ever-so-persistent little voice inside your head that keeps telling you that the way you’re living your life is downright ridiculous.

That waking up every day only to prove to the world that you’re worth being here is, quite plainly, the WORST way to live.

And you’ve realized that, over the years of trying to shush that voice inside your head, it only gets louder and louder until it has reached a point where it has become impossible to ignore.

Welcome to the rest of your life, that is, if you’ve finally given up on trying to push that little voice away

Here is where you start to let go of the constant need to prove yourself and embrace the inherent value of who you truly are.

You don’t need to do something to prove yourself.

You don’t need to come up with a crazy idea or solve an unsolvable problem.

You don’t need to give out more free stuff after free stuff to people just to show them your heart is in the right place.

All of the hustle and bustle we put ourselves through is really nothing more than just another way to ignore a fundamental truth that we have always been too scared to face perhaps because it’s too simple and too easy.

And we’ve learned all our lives that nothing simple or easy is good. That we have to fight our way through so we can have the battle scars to prove our strength. That we have to suffer and struggle first. That we have to live a difficult life because then and only then can we hold our heads up high and say, “Well, I’ve done all those things. Maybe I’m good enough now.”

Yet, you only need to pause for a while, listen to the gentle sighing of your breath for a while, and let go of the things your mind is entangled in for a while to listen to the easily accessible but oftentimes undermined truth.

You have always been worthy. You never really had to prove yourself to be good enough for the things you’ve always dreamed of and the things you couldn’t even dare ask for.  

You were born worthy and you will take your last breath always having been worthy, whether you believe it or not.

Life on Earth isn’t a contest for people to prove they’re good enough.

We all are. And truth be told, we all are more than good enough.

How much more meaningful life gets to be when you accept that there’s nothing you need to do to prove your worth?

You start living up to your own standards of what a good life gets to be.

You start choosing to do the things that make you feel alive, powerful, and expansive.

And, also, you get to reap the rewards, financial and otherwise, of doing the things that bring joy into your life.

Sure, some people will scoff at you. Some people will think you’re just another self-entitled, lazy brat who doesn’t want to pay her dues.

But you know what? There are no dues to pay. And some people think that way only because they have grown so attached to their troubles that they think it is what makes them who they are.

They were the ones who suffered and lived to tell the tale of their struggles. And they are the ones who think you, too, have to suffer so you can take your place among them in the hallowed halls of “people who toiled and worked hard and struggled for the things they have now.”

And when someone comes along who tells people that, no, there really is no need for all of that and that, yes, suffering is optional, they rant and they rave and they brand you all sorts of names (e.g. an entitled, self-centered, egotistical maniac).

Because if all you say is true and that they didn’t really need to go through all the pain they did, then their lives wouldn’t have mattered at all. At least, that’s what they think.

But what they think has no effect on how you want to live your life and the outcomes you want to create for yourself.

The only thing that matters is whether or not you believe in your worth and trust in your ability to start living a life that you have always dreamed of.

Skip everything else.

Stop buying course after course showing you how it’s done.

Stop hoping somebody else’s strategies for business or relationships or money will finally be The Strategy for you as well.

That’s not how it works.

You only need to have faith in your worth—and take the leap from there.

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