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It’s easy to be smug at the world when you’re already there, on top of it all and living the life you’ve only dreamed of once and which others have for so long mocked you for. Look who’s living their best life now, bitches?

What isn’t so easy is when you’re not physically there yet. Of course, inside your head you know you’re already there. There’s no way you’re going to get there any other way. But the physical goods have not shown up yet. Your physical world has not yet caught up to the inner reality from which all your dreams, visions, and goals materialize and come to life. What do you do then?

The answer is pure and simple. You ignore anything and everything that gets in the way. And I mean everything. All the cold, hard facts that prove to your primitive brain that, hell no, you are not yet where you want? Ignore that. All the sniggering side comments and eye rolls from the people around you who are by now tired of your childish whims and fantasies? Ignore them all. All the fearful thoughts and doubts that come from listening to these people and to the critical inner voice inside your head? Ignore, ignore, and ignore even more.

But, but, but! There goes that whiny know-it-all voice from your mind again. How can you ignore all of that when the evidence is all there sitting in front of you. It’s been written about time and time again in economic essays and political treatises and scientific journals that what you want is not available or even possible at all, at least not to everyone on the planet except for a few privileged assholes who grew up learning how to rig the system even more to their advantage and to the detriment of the rest of the world.

That, dear friend, is how most of the world thinks. But we are not most of the world. We are the crazy ones, the big dreamers, the shy little girls and boys who grew up operating on what’s coming from within instead of what’s been constantly thrown at us from the outside. We don’t just live inside our heads, like our parents or teachers thought. We live from the inside out. We marvel in the inner worlds we built for ourselves, only getting disappointed later to find the grown-ups telling us to stop playing our foolish head games.  

Most of us grow up becoming either depressed artists, writers, and inventors or visionaries breaking new grounds in whatever field we’re in. You decide what you are going to be. You have been doing so your entire life. You can choose to pay attention to the thoughts that bring you down, in the process bringing your entire life down with you. Or you can put a hand up to them and say, “No, not this time. And not ever. I choose not to listen to you and I choose to put my attention elsewhere, more specifically to things that contribute to my growth, health, and happiness.”

Some people will point out that you’re building an echo chamber, one that is filled only with the thoughts, ideas, and opinions that you would like to listen to. Some people say this is harmful because you’ve got to open your mind up to the fact that others do not share the same ideas as you. Yes, it’s true that not all people will share your opinion. It’s true that we all have to accept that others have different and even opposing ideas. What is unacceptable, however, is that we have to open ourselves to the possibility that others may not think we’re not good enough, or worthy, or deserving of what we want just because we do not meet the conventional standards of society.

When it comes to your opinions of yourself, your deservingness, and the truth of you stepping into the life that you want, build your echo chamber and guard it well. Nothing is more important that you sticking to that truth of who you are deep inside. Nothing else will take you there but staying true to your vision every second of every day. The rest of the world may roll their eyes at you. Let them roll their eyes at you. it doesn’t matter how many eye rolls you get. Nothing anyone else says or does will change your ability to bring your biggest, baddest, most beautiful self to life.

The only thing that matters is where you put your awareness on. You can put it on thoughts that make you want to curl up into a sad ball and binge on mint chocolate chip ice cream for the rest of your life. Or you can put it on the vision of the life your heart has decided for you. And you can put on your blinders and your earmuffs and stay put on that vision, not minding anything else that’s being said or done by others outside of you. That is the kindest thing you can do to the world. It doesn’t need you to solve its problems. it doesn’t need you to sell your belongings, pack your bags, and go live with the poor people in Timbuktu.

The world needs you to shine your light. It needs you to go within and find that spark. But first, you have to ignore everyone and everything else and listen to your heart.

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