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I have no idea when I became the super-achiever go-getter world-changing type. Ugh. Oh wait, I know when. When I began reading personal development books and following life and success coaches. Ugh again.

Contrary to popular opinion, I never was an over-achiever, let alone an achiever. I just seem like one. All the conventional things I have “achieved” in school and in my career? I did them because I did them. I did them because I wanted to. I did them because it was fun. I did them simply for the sake of doing them.

I didn’t do them for the reward that came after. I never wrote for the money. Not once. Not ever, even when people offered me money to write for them. Yep, you can quote me on that. I didn’t care for academic awards or titles or promotions. I don’t hate them. I just couldn’t care less if I had them or not. And that’s exactly why I got them. And I couldn’t care less if I was “successful” or not, which is why I became quite successful, in the conventional sense of the word.

And then I began following self-proclaimed success gurus teaching me NLP and Law of Attraction and CBT and EFT and mindfulness meditation and crystal healing and Internet marketing and personal branding and all that stuff. And all of a sudden, I began to feel like what I had been doing wasn’t enough. I wasn’t mindful enough or passionate enough or successful enough. It doesn’t matter that life was going great for me. Gurus taught me that I was living my life the wrong way.

So I began to struggle with things I never struggled with before. My career. My relationship with Ronald. My health. For sure, there were plenty of improvements. But I was also always trying to break through an invisible barrier that I couldn’t figure out. All the while, I had been declaring every day that this was gonna be the day. I was going to have my breakthrough today.

I got sick of waiting for that breakthrough. I got tired of going through the struggle. So I metaphorically threw my hands up and said to nobody in particular and now to you, “Fuck all this. I’m just gonna do what I’m gonna do, like I had always done before I got into the self-improvement bandwagon for super-achievers, go-getters, and world-changers.”

I had always been a slacker for life. I had no routines. I had no to-do lists. And I woke up when I woke up. I didn’t have short-term plans or long-term goals. I didn’t want to change the world or even my corner of it. I simply breezed through life taking things as they came. And things came just the way I wanted them, and better.

It’s funny, really, how I can be so stubborn sometimes. The only reason I put myself through the struggle was for me to realize that I was doing things right all along. I had known all along how best to live my life the way I wanted to. I had always been an expert at being the best version of me, personal development and marketing gurus be damned.

So here’s to us, slackers. Here’s to us, wanderers. Here’s to us, night owls who can’t get out of bed before 8 a.m. We don’t worry about checking things off our list, and that’s why we get to check things off our mental list. We don’t obsess about changing the world, and that’s how we get to change the world. We don’t care where we’re going because we know we’re gonna get there anyway, wherever that is.

If there’s any secret to living a great life, it’s really just one thing. Live in the moment and stay in the moment. Everything else is secondary.

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