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Faith is easy.

Believing in your true power is easy.

Knowing that you have all it takes to create a life that you dream of while making a positive impact on the world is easy.

You only have to decide that you have faith in your dreams, that you believe in yourself, and that you ultimately know in your heart of hearts that what you want is going to happen for you.

You don’t have to sit down and write out strategies to figure out how it’s all going to play out. That’s all been done for you, by a higher, more intelligent mind that has access to knowledge and wisdom that your human brain won’t ever have access to until you decide to relinquish control of how things are going to happen.

The power to create a reality you want to live doesn’t reside in the brain. That’s what we’re taught from the start. We think we simply have to go to school, get all the good grades, and move on to a job or business where we can continue using our brains to solve problems and make money in the process. Nothing wrong with that, of course, except that you’re doing nothing more but skim through the surface of life.

And, more importantly, all this holding on to the intellect as the seat of power is what’s holding most people back from truly going after what they truly want in life and actually getting it.

In my mid-twenties, I went to teaching school to get a certificate that would allow me to teach in high school. I learned that one of the goals of the Philippine educational system, which is closely modeled after the American educational system, is to teach so-called higher-order thinking skills to students aka HOTS. HOTS are very different from basic skills, such as rote memorization. They include analyzing, synthesizing, reasoning, comprehending, application, and evaluation.

These skills have massive value in our lives. We constantly go through our personal and professional days having to use at least one of them. We should definitely continue teaching little human beings (and their adult counterparts) to develop these skills.

Unfortunately, we’ve been putting a little too much value on these skills to the point that anything that isn’t done purely through the lens of the intellect gets dismissed, ridiculed, and shamed. For most people who think they’re smart, it’s not okay to smart-shame but it’s okay to shame people for, say, using crystals or healing in nature or believing in a higher power that exists outside of the human brain.

Do you ever wonder why so many people just seem to “lose their touch” after years at a job that values nothing but their intellectual skills? And they’re not even using much of their HOTS either.

And you ever wonder why they just seem to give up on life just like that? Why they throw their arms in the air and resign to a life they think they have no control over because, hey, that’s just how it is?

And you ever wonder why a lot of young people fall into depression as they try to navigate the difficulties of growing in a society that wants to put boxes and labels on them and judges them if they don’t fit the boxes and labels?

That’s all symptoms of a world that places just a little too much value on the intellectual, all the while dismissing the irrevocable fact that things that cannot be seen by human eyes or heard by human ears or proven by the human brain actually exist. And they very well exist in the deepest, darkest, most unexplored depths of our beingness, just waiting for us to acknowledge them for a second while we take a break from our overly intellectual pursuits. Besides, the human brain doesn’t really exist.

But why is that even important?

Because in the deepest, darkest, most unexplored depths of your being, my friend, lies massive creative power that’s waiting to be unleashed into the world. So many people try to learn reality creation simply for the sake of creating a mound of money or a relationship with a specific person they don’t truly know. Most of the time, that’s where it starts. I definitely started over a decade ago trying to manifest a basket of cash.

But as you go deeper and deeper into the journey, provided you haven’t been discouraged yet by your Higher Self’s refusal to manifest something she doesn’t really want in the first place, you realize that reality creation is more than that. It’s not just manifesting physical things that you think will make you happy.

At its core, the practice of consciously creating your own reality is simply the process of getting your own power back. It’s you coming face to face with who you really are. It’s realizing that, yes, you’re actually not “just human.” It’s finally leaning into the quiet but urgent truth that you’ve known but never fully acknowledged all your life—that you’re Spirit in human form. You’re the Universe just exploring more of itself. You’re God learning more about yourself by continuously pushing your boundaries to see what else you can do. Hint: There’s nothing God cannot do, so…

But you can’t access that power until you give up all forms of trying to take control. And that includes all the ways your intellect tries to take control. And you’d be surprised how much it tries to take control of everything.

When you want to know how you can get your business out there to reach more people, your intellect will try to take over. It’ll search the Internet for all the tried-and-tested, scientifically proven ways to get your website on Google or win over the Facebook algorithm.

When you’re heartbroken and you want to meet someone new so you won’t be alone for Christmas, it’ll tell you that you can’t afford to feel all those emotions and have all those desires, so you drive over to the nearest bar and drown everything in tequila because numbing your emotions is probably the smartest thing to do.

And even when you’re cooking coconut flour pancakes for the first time ever and you’re surprised at how fast they burn on the kitchen stove, the intellect will still try to take over.

It doesn’t matter that there is no right or wrong way of getting your business out there. And it obviously doesn’t matter that you have feelings or that you simply have to stop being anxious about the coconut flour pancakes. The intellect will look at things like they’re just a problem to be solved and nothing more.

You can choose to let your intellect run your life. It’s taken you this far, after all. But are you really contented with this? This being a life that you say you’re okay with, despite the fact that you keep wondering if this is all there really is to it.

Or you can just very easily, simply give it all up.

Give it all up, right here, right now.

Take a look at every big and little thing your control-freak self has got in its tight, ham-fisted grasp and let it all go. Let it all flow into the ether where it’s free to turn itself into that thing you’ve always wanted to have but never got to have because you were obsessing so much about it.

Raise the white flag. Surrender all you’ve got. There’s not much you can do anyway. At least, there’s not much that your intellect can do that the Higher Mind can’t do better.

And isn’t that what you’re after? Incredibly mind-blowing results that your mind never really believed you’d get but your heart always knew you’d get. When you catch even just a tiniest glimpse of what giving in to your Higher Self can do for you, there’s no going back.

Sooner or later, you’re gonna wave the white flag anyway. Sooner or later, you’re gonna give up. Sooner or later, you’re gonna surrender everything you’ve got.

So why not do it now? Why not do it here? Why not do it as fast as you can? The sooner you do so, the faster you can fall freely into the arms of God and, from the best vantage point in the Universe, start living the best life you’ve ever had.  

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