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You’re not a normie, so why do you keep pretending to be one?

Let’s get our definitions straight for a second.

Normies are the people who are NOT like you and me. They are the rest of the world. The straight-up true-blue normies live in their society-sanctioned bubbles going to work for someone else’s big-picture vision that they cannot see and going home to a place they secretly wish wasn’t theirs living with people they don’t want to spend the rest of their lives with.

Normies are very easy to spot, but don’t be fooled when someone tries to pass themselves off as somebody they’re not. They will read all the right books. They will discuss all the high-brow ideas about politics and economics and all the tedious little details that need to be in place—an educated grassroots political movement included, whatever that means—to affect change.

But these normies are very easy to sway. They only have to watch the nightly news to remind themselves about how deeply impossible it is to put their ultra-intellectual plans to change the world. So they moan and they sigh over a bucket of beer with their just-as-intellectual friends. And they’ll feel better once again, believing with all of their hearts that they’re different from the rest, when actually they’re all the same, only belonging to opposing sides of the political spectrum.

And then there’s the other kind of normie you think you’d want to be friends with but really don’t. They love to post about every single insecurity they have about themselves on Facebook, having heard from a handful of Internet marketers that being vulnerable on social media is the new way to catch attention. They talk about being #grateful for their #blessed lives and eat smoothie bowls and go to yoga class. And even though they pretend to be open about their insecurities, they sift through their pile of identical selfies to look for the most flattering picture to post.

And, yeah, one or two of them might even team up with a life coach or a business mentor because they want to become “better versions of themselves,” only to end up kissing ass to a normie coach or mentor who spews out just about the same lies that everyone else says, i.e. work hard, hustle your ass off for the next two years, and you’ll never have to work hard for the rest of your life ever again.

You’re not one of them. At one point, you may have thought you are one of them. You may have started posting 2,000-word Facebook posts about how you have extra fat sitting ‘round your belly and you think it’s beautiful, even though you search the Internet high and low for quick and easy low-carb meals that you won’t feel guilty about.

And you may have bought into the whole self-improvement thing looking for a “tribe” you can get along with. Going to networking events to meet with “like-minded” humans, even though you feel icky at the very thought of networking. Exchanging a few witty conversations with these same humans, trying to convince yourself that what you have is a soul-level connection when, in reality, it’s just two people putting on pretty, red-lipped smiles and gushing out with flowery phrases they’ve taken from a scripted template.

And no matter how many people you exchange business cards with, no matter how many new strangers you reach out to and “connect with” on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, it’s hard to shake off the feeling like you want to wipe your hands on your pants, the very same hands you used to shake all those little normie hands. It may be subtle, but it’s there. An unmistakable feeling of ick knowing you didn’t actually connect with people who are looking for nothing but just another addition to their social media friends list so they can message you when they have something they think you might be interested in buying.

Because let’s face it. You’re fed up with all the pretty lies and fake smiles. You can see right through other people’s bullshit every single time. And even though other normies can’t tell who among their fellow normies are pretending to be above themselves, you can tell from a mile away who these people are.

So why do you still keep associating with them like your career, your relationships, the very spark of your life depended on it? And, on a more important note, why do you dial down your dreams and tone down your voice so that you’d look and feel good when the normies who are pretending to not be normies give you a once-over and form their secret but not-so-secret-to-you judgments of who you’re supposed to be?

I’ve got news for you. Deep inside that rebellious soul of yours, you already know. But you need to be reminded over and over again until it becomes as plain as broad daylight for you.

No one ever made history thinking normie thoughts.

No one ever changed the world having normie reactions to things.

No one ever made a huge impact taking normie action—the very same kind of action your over-friendly neighborhood online coach says you need to take.

And that’s good because you’ve never been a normie pretending to be woke. You never fell asleep in the first place, even though you may have, at one time or another, forgotten that you were the only one wide awake in a sea of people walking around in their metaphorical slumber.

And I know you’re angry. You’re angry at all these normies pretending to want to make the world a better place, when in fact most of them don’t really understand the world beyond their shiny little white fences. They prance and they dance in front of the camera, say a few big words before dramatically going off-cam, as if all it takes are a few meaningless words to change anyone’s life.

You know in your heart the time for change is now. You’re ready more than ever to show up as the revolutionary leader you have always been but never fully came out with to the world. And you know as well as I do that change can’t happen when people who can’t even take the rein in their own lives are in the lead.

These people are followers. They prefer to have someone else, often someone else with their social media pages all glammed up and their teeth all whitened up, tell them what to think, say, and do. They may not look like it, but they’re normies through and through.

What we need is someone like you. Someone who takes no bullshit from anybody. Someone who actually knows how the world works. (And if you think all the world needs is a change in leadership, then I’m not talking about you.)

We need someone who’s deeply in touch with her inner being. Someone who listens to the wisdom of her Higher Self through her intuition and is adamant about following divine guidance even though she can’t see the rest of the picture yet. Someone who’s not going to pose pretty for the camera or write all the marketer-approved Facebook posts if she doesn’t feel like it. Someone who is always being her true-blue authentic self, even though she will have to turn away all those people who can’t stand her.

The world is waiting for you to show up. The world is craving for you to show up. The world is tired of businessmen showing up, pretending to be able to solve the world’s problems. It’s this extremely outdated kind of thinking—that to be successful, you have to solve other people’s problems—that keeps perpetuating the rise of more and more problems. By virtue of the Law of Attraction, you always find what you look for. And if the world keeps looking for more problems to solve, then life is going to throw more and more problems at the world. It’s a black-and-white thing. That’s how it works.

Yes, I get it. Showing up for the first time can be daunting. What does it even mean to show up? How are you supposed to do it? And what if you show up all pretty and glammed up and nobody shows up for you?

The good thing is you’re not supposed to show up in any other way except for the one that feels true and authentic and expansive to you. However you feel you need to show up is how you’re supposed to show up.

You can write a blog. If no one reads it, write anyway.

You can quit your job. If your family hates you, it doesn’t matter.

You can start being more assertive. If the normies are startled by your newfound confidence, smile and walk away.

You can start dressing however you please.

You can start taking more risks.

You can switch to a career you’ve always loved even if you’re in your mid-30s.

You can finally say no to people pressuring you to get married and have a baby because you’d rather travel the world baggage-free.

Look here. You are the spark that ignites the spiritual revolution. You can start leading people in the worldwide effort to create a better world NOW. Who cares if nobody else shows up? When you stay true to your calling, the followers inevitably show up, ready to become leaders themselves. Even the normies will show up with their pretenses shorn away.

Because the truth of the matter is leadership isn’t about the number of social media followers you have. It’s not even about the number of votes you got in the last elections. Hell, you only need to look at your country’s leaders to know winning XX million votes doesn’t make you more of a leader than the woman who was born with the divine mission to lead.

Leadership is about the energy you hold. It’s about being able to hold fast when the rest of the world gets shaken to the ground. It’s about knowing who you truly are and staying secure in that knowledge, even though others will poke and prod and probe with questions meant to dismantle who you know you are.

It’s about having the courage to leap into the great unknown. It’s about knowing that whatever you find there you were meant to find. It’s about doing things because your Higher Self calls you to do them, not because some guru from halfway across the world said so.

Leadership isn’t about taking charge of people. It’s taking charge of yourself. It’s being 100% responsible for your thoughts, emotions, actions, and reactions. It’s not about influencing people to do things you want them to do. It’s about doing the things that make your light shine brighter, in the process inspiring other people to shine their own light as well.

You see, just because you’re a leader doesn’t mean you’re going to be single-handedly responsible for all the woes of the world. No, that’s not how it works. There’s no single person who’s charged with carrying the weight of the entire world on their shoulders. The normies are looking for that one person. They’re looking for a messiah, a savior, a hero they can pin their hopes on.

But that single person isn’t going to show up. Someone might show up pretending to be that person. Or the world might choose who that person is going to be. The 12-year-old climate change activist, the genius billionaire who plans to send us all to Mars one day, or the model who posts pictures of her stretch marks on Twitter—whoever seems to be closest to people’s hearts at the moment.

Eventually, they realize these people aren’t going to do it for them. Eventually, they move on to new people, hoping with the same fervor as they did before that their new idols will finally be the ones to lead them out of their dreary lives. And it goes on and on until something inside them snaps, until they finally realize they have to do the leading themselves if they want out of the normie way of life.

It can happen in an instant. Or it can take long years of emotional turmoil and destructive thoughts. But sooner or later, it will happen in this lifetime or in the many, many, many lifetimes to come.

And your role in all of this? It isn’t to coax them out of their normie way of thinking. You don’t need to shove your light down other people’s throats. You don’t even need to try and convince them to go within to find themselves. All you need is to be yourself—your highest, truest, bestest of the best self. That’s all the world needs. That’s all the universe asks of you. Are you ready? You had better be. It’s time.

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