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  1. I am God living a human experience.
  2. I am the cause of all things.
  3. I am the infinite source of meaning and wisdom. I turn to myself and myself alone for guidance.  
  4. No one and nothing can take my power away unless I give it away.  
  5. The Universe has my back at all times. I am heard, supported, and loved.  
  6. I only do things for love. I do not do things for money, fame, or power, although I accept that doing things for love naturally brings money, fame, and true personal power that only those who are brave enough to go within will find.
  7. I surrender my human desires to the Universe and I live in trust that everything, and then some, has already been taken care of.  
  8. I refuse to pay attention to anything that makes my energy contract, including my own thoughts and emotions that make me feel small.
  9. I live to grow, expand, and become more of who I am. I came here for the sole purpose of remembering who I truly am.
  10. Everything is going to be okay. In fact, everything is going to be more than okay.  

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