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My Manifesting Story

I began learning about manifesting more than 10 years ago. I was an overwhelmed, overworked girl fresh from college and my first heart-rending breakup. I wanted something that could ease, if not completely eliminate, the pain of a broken heart.

As if the Universe heard my desire – of course, it did, and it always does – it went ahead and dropped Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret straight into my lap. It was at the height of its popularity at the time. The proposition that we can create our lives just as we want them simply by focusing our thoughts on our desires was as attractive then as it is now.

Like most people new to the Law of Attraction, I became hooked. It didn’t matter that I was newly sore and wounded from my first serious heartbreak. All I really wanted at the time was a pile of money in a large wicker basket sitting in front of my door within the next two months.

No basket of money arrived, of course. Not even after I saw myself excitedly picking it up from my doorstep. I was disappointed as hell, of course. After my first failed attempt at manifesting, it wasn’t so hard to convince myself that the Law of Attraction was bullshit. It was just another fad designed to lure its audience to buy the next magic bullet cure to life’s ailments.

And yet, I completely bypassed the fact that I was actually getting paid good money at my first job as a managing editor for a content company. And so, being totally ignorant of my successful first conscious manifestation, I went ahead and forgot about the Law of Attraction for six years. I went back to school, made new friends and reconnected with old ones, and even moved on from my first heartbreak and went into new romantic relationships.

But something was glaringly missing. By the time I was 25, I found myself wallowing in quarter-life crisis prompted by my inability to figure out my life purpose. When I turned 26, the wobbly state of my existence turned into a full-on depression when my father passed away. Like everybody faced with the sudden death of a parent they’d always thought would live to 112, I had my world come crashing down on me. And like every person who doesn’t know what to do with her grief, I turned to the Internet for help. One afternoon during the hot and humid summer of 2013, I Googled, “Where do people go when they die?”

The answer came in the form of a book, Journey of Souls by a hypnotherapist named Michael Newton. It describes how he used a past life regression technique to explore where people go when they die. I’m not here to convince you of the existence of an afterlife or create a picture of what it may look like. The point is my venture into the spirit world trying to look for answers for my dad’s death led me back to where I began several years ago. I came face to face again with the idea that you create your reality. It was around a year into mourning that I began reading books, taking courses, and devouring anything I could get my hands on about the Law of Attraction.

Somewhere around that time, I realized I had been manifesting everything that had been happening in my entire life. And I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was actually a pro at this thing called manifesting, having manifested so many good things in my life even before I understood what the Law of Attraction was all about. Somehow, things started falling into place. The missing pieces of the puzzle appeared from out of thin air. something clicked. And for the first time in my life, I felt like I knew who I was and I was totally in love with me.

Almost like from out of the blue, things began happening for me instead of to me. I began manifesting even more unbelievably amazing things. My first apartment so easily falling into my lap, and at a discount I didn’t ask for too. A better relationship with my boyfriend and him jumping into conscious manifesting with me. Improved relationships with my family and friends. The courage to set my boundaries and reinforce them. Clarity for my career goals and visions. All-expenses-paid trips. Career opportunities. Money coming to me in exchange for me just being me. And literally just gifts and blessings in all shapes, sizes, and forms.

The manifesting experiences are overwhelming. And at the same time they feel like the most natural thing to ever happen to me. It’s like all along I knew I had it in me. It felt so me to easily and effortlessly create things and experiences I wanted to have. And it felt so freakin’ good that it couldn’t just be me. I just couldn’t keep to myself the knowledge and wisdom I gained from my journey learning manifesting. There’s no way I was not going to share it with anybody who was curious enough to listen. Once you get to the core of who you are, you cannot share it with others. And this is why I’m here, using my gift for words to share with you what I know. Take what you will, but just so you know, everything is yours for the taking.

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